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Full Farm Flavor

Featuring the elusive four pig rating, this updated and improved t-shirt makes reference to the authentic farm flavor enjoyed by one and all.

Indeed, some things never change. These t-shirts still come in the same trusty green and display the ever popular Olde Fogie Farmer who is always busy in his barnyard. Way back fans of the farm will be delighted to see that this shirt makes allusion to old Gustavo, the goose that suggested the original t-shirt design.

t-shirt detail with Gustavo Fans of the farm wearing the Goose Buster t-shirt

Right: stern old Gustavo.

Left: fans of the farm wearing the t-shirt inspired by Gustavo.

Old Gustavo himself

"Goose buster" was a pun on the popular movie "Ghost Busters." It made a lot more sense back when we were dreaming up the t-shirt.


Olde Fogie Farm

106 Stackstown Road
Marietta, PA 17547

Goose Busting?

See that goose up there? That's "Gustavo," the goon that inspired the original "I was a Goose Buster at [the] Olde Fogie Farm" t-shirt. He was one mean old goose. He'd let loose a nasty shrill honk when anyone came into "his" barnyard. If the visitor didn't promptly leave he would swagger over and try to bully his way to a bit of shelled corn. When you turned your back on him, he would sneak up behind and goose you on the ankle, calf or worse! Interesting thing was that he didn't bully everyone, especially those who gave him a sharp eye.

Biz had to explain to each visiting family how to "bust" him. The concept was simple, just give him a real cold look and take a quick step toward him. Usually he would back off. But if he didn't, you had to reach out there and grab him by the neck and look him right in the eye! After a moment, he would be as mild and meek as could be. Then you could unhand that bully and watch him beat a noisy retreat.

Why Gustavo grew up to be so mean is anyone's guess. Sadly, we'll never know as he has long since passed away. Gustavo was born on the farm to some chinese geese which the Fogies employeed in weeding the strawberry patches. (Those kind of geese eat grass and some weeds, but don't care for the strawberry plants.) After the Fogies reduced their strawberry crop, they sold most of the gaggle of geese and kept a goose and gander. Interestingly, the people who bought the geese were a little worried about the neigboorhood dogs and children harming the geese. Well they didn't have to worry because those geese kept both animals and kids out of the yard!